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Laura Hvala: Masters Counselling & Psychotherapy; Soul Centred Psychotherapist; Sandplay Therapist; BHSc Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition Therapy; DipEd Specialist Education; BSc Anatomy Physiology, Biochemistry

“Health is the harmonious balance between the various components of man’s nature, environment and ways of life” (Hippocrates, c460-370BC)

Mandala Health: Naturopathy & Counselling Psychotherapy

Holistic & Integrative MindBody Therapies for Health and Wellbeing


Mandala Health is multi-modality, holistic and integrative health-care practice that provides a range of therapeutic services in:

Naturopathy – Complementary and Functional Medicine
Counselling psychotherapy
Sandplay therapy 
Clinical supervision for counsellors and psychotherapists


This unique array of holistic and integrative MindBody therapies caters to the full spectrum of human physical and psychological problems, that people generally seek help for.  It allows clients the choose the person-centred, therapeutic modality that suits their specific health-care needs.

Naturopathy and Functional Medicine – is a holistic medical system based on natural philosophical principles and practices that complements conventional medical practices. Naturopathy focuses on treating the underlying cause of illness, not just the resulting symptoms. It uses a range of natural complementary and alternative, functional and integrative medicines – herbs, nutrients, special foods and dietary therapies. The goal of all natural therapies is to restore balance and vital energy to core biological functions and metabolism and support the natural healing potential that is inherent in all living systems, including humans.

Counselling Psychotherapies – are a range of supportive therapeutic practices, that enable people to speak about, understand and come to terms with the spectrum of human psychological experiences and concerns, including depression, anxiety, relationship problems, emotional conflicts or pain, distress and/or trauma. Counselling techniques focus on reducing the distress of challenging life-situations and crises. It helps clients understand the problem and discover how they can move beyond it in a meaningful way. Psychotherapy supports conscious self-development, authenticity and the individuation process. It creates change at deep levels of the personality, and positively affects cyclical life-patterns and worldview. It addresses core-beliefs and values, emotional behaviours, cyclical relationship patterns, and the effects of complex or early childhood trauma.


At Mandala Health, each of the services offered in Naturopathic Functional Medicine, Counselling Psychotherapy and Sandplay Therapy, are available for adults, young people and children; in individual therapy, in couples therapy, family groups, and other group arrangements.

Clients choose the most suitable therapeutic modality, and individual or group setting, that suits their individual physical, psychological or spiritual needs; their personality style and understanding of certain models of health, and worldview (beliefs and expectations) about the process of therapeutic change.

“Health is the complete state of physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (World Health Organisation, 1946)

The Principles of Health-Care at Mandala Health

The philosophical principles and practice of health-care at Mandala Health are built on foundations of integrated knowledge from many ancient wisdom traditions; evolving models –  from the East and West – of natural and holistic health-care practice; on the historical developments of science and technology, systems of contemporary medicine and schools of psychotherapy. Mandala Health also incorporates the new scientific paradigm of deep-ecological systems-theory, that recognises the  natural self-organisation and emergence phenomena at the heart of life, and all interconnected self-defined and living systems (Capra, 1996; Capra & Luisi, 2014).

All systems are characterised by the complex and dynamic pattern of interactions of micro-components, that continuously inform the emergence and self-organisation of new characteristic and functions. Systems processes also define all aspects of human healthy functioning – our physical and psychological processes, and our individual and social or collective systems of organisation and functioning. These multifarious dynamic factors influence human health and disease at every level of our physical, psychological, social and ecological existence.

Ecological systems-thinking models are used into understand the complex networks and multifactorial interactions that influence the processes of human health and disease. It considers  biological, cellular, metabolic, psychological, intra- and inter-personal relationships, social, environmental and ecological connections, that influence human lives and health, at every level of existence.

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“Health is a state of well-being, resulting from a dynamic balance that involves the physical and psychological aspects of the organism, as well as its interactions with its natural and social environment”. (Capra, 1982)

Mandala Health-Care Mission Statement

Mandala Health provides ethical, person-centred, humanistic, holistic and integrative Naturopathy and Psychotherapy services in response to each client’s needs.

These holistic and integrative modalities of health-care are used to support – biological and psychological – core-functioning, across the full range of human experience -expressed both in health and disease. All levels of functioning – biological, physical, psychological, spiritual, social and ecological – are considered important, to understand the interconnected and multifactorial influences that impact our health.

Although the goal of holistic integrative therapy, whenever possible, is to understand and treat the primary causes of the underlying imbalance or disturbance, treatments are also used to manage and minimise uncomfortable symptoms – such as pain or inflammation.

For example, gut pain and inflammation is a symptom that is often caused by dysbiosis – an imbalance of gut flora, or infection by negative microbes or parasite. The aim of holistic treatments would be to restore healthy microflora, or eliminate the parasite.

Alternatively, sadness and depression, are common symptomatic experiences following the death of a loved one. The aim of psychological therapies don’t typically focus on suppressing these symptoms, but rather support the expression and re-organisation of the many different thoughts and feelings associated with loss and grief.


Safe & effective herbal and nutritional medicines are used to support the inherent  ‘Vital’ potential, of core (molecular, cellular and organ) system functions, and the emergence and self-organisation of healing and healthier, more energised and sustainable body functions.

The philosophical principles that inform the health-care practices at Mandala Health, are grounded in ancient wisdom traditions of contemporary naturopathy, summarised by Iva Lloyd (2009), and traditional depth-oriented schools of psychotherapy, taught by pioneers such as C.G. Jung (Analytic psychology, psychic structural model and conscious developmental processes – ego, consciousness, the unconscious, the Self; archetypal processes shadow-light, ego-Self, individuation, spiritualismcollective (un)conscious and transpersonal dynamics, active imagination, emergence of consciousness and transformational self-organisation); C.Rogers (Person-Centred, Humanistic Psychology), E. Gendlin (Experiential Focusing) and F.Perls (Gestalt Therapy).

These philosophies of physical and psychological health-care are fundamentally aligned with the new scientific paradigm of a unified theory of consciousness (E. Laszlo, 2004); and systems theory of a deep interconnected ecology (F Capra, 1996, 2014); and to a model of health, healing and wellbeing that is holistic and integrated, and connected systemically—physical, biochemical-metabolic, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and ecological—at all levels of existence (Larry Dossey, 1998, 2013). 

Mandala Health therapies support the development of self awareness, within the limits and possibilities of each person’s unique experience of being human. Holistic and integrative MindBody therapies support health and well being by supporting the physical, psychological and spiritual relationships and connections, of people to become more connected and whole.

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Holistic & Humanistic Principles & Values

Mandala Health therapies are guided by the fundamental principles of naturopathic medicine and holistic and integrative mindbody therapies; traditional depth-oriented psychotherapies; and humanistic individual and group-systems counselling; and experiential, self-discovery modes of learning, that support “connectivism”. 

These holistic and integrated therapies are rooted in ancient wisdom traditions that believe in the essential interrelatedness of psyche-psychology and matter-physical biology. They also informed by the new paradigm of science and philosophy, of “deep ecology,” that views all living organisms and every level of systemic life as interconnected aspects of a holistic and integrated deep ecology. The mindbody system and all levels of human life—physical, psychological, social and environmental— are connected to all living beings in the web of life.  

At the heart of this worldview lies the vision of an interplay between intrapsychic, somatic, interpersonal, transpersonal, collective and ecological dynamics and the systemic network of interconnected phenomena. This worldview believes there is meaning and purpose at every level of functioning, and every experience in life, death, health and disease. 

Mandala Health therapies encourage people challenge their worldview, open up to new experiences of self-discovery and greater self-awareness, reflect on ones journey of individuation, healing and transformation; and participate in the global movement of collective human evolution and consciousness.

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