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Laura Hvala: Masters Counselling & Psychotherapy; Soul Centred Psychotherapist; Sandplay Therapist; BHSc Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition Therapy; DipEd Specialist Education; BSc Anatomy Physiology, Biochemistry

Psychotherapy and Counselling

Depth psychotherapy attends to inner knowledge—thoughts feelings, needs, wants and fears—that are hidden from view difficult to speak about. This unknown aspect of the self is outside our everyday awareness and wilful self-control; though it affects our moods, relationships and everyday behaviour; and sustains patterns of suffering based on trauma and other painful experiences and emotions, inner dynamics an conflicts.

A safe (non-judgemental) and trusting, authentic therapeutic relationship is at the heart of psychotherapy. It is a mutual process of therapist and client working together to understand the patterns and relational contexts that trigger emotional problems. It makes links between present and past and emphasises the clients’ here-and-now experience. Individuals come to recognise previously unknown aspects of them self,the significance and meaning of their emotional responses, conflicts and symptomatic patterns of relating and behaving.

Psychotherapy works towards a more vital and aware relationship between our everyday conscious sense of self and previously unknown, or unconscious aspects of Self, that constitute an authentic, self-realised and individuated personality.

How can Psychotherapy Help?

Psychotherapy can help to:

  • Understand dreams
  • Find meaning and purpose
  • Access creativity
  • Resolve an important decision
  • Develop a positive resource or life-skill
  • Resolve a loss or disappointment
  • Find relief from: a deep experience of sadness or despair, hopelessness, depression, anxiety
  • Resolve eating disorders & addictions; sexual problems; and sleep disorders
  • Resolve relationship conflict
  • Engage a developmental task or life transition, such as leaving home or country, getting married, pregnancy, parenting, mid-life issues, divorce, retirement, menopause
  • For support during a stressful time
  • To have someone to talk with. Sometimes the reason is not clear, Yet, there is a desire to have someone who will listen and be genuinely interested.

Psychotherapy helps people challenge their worldview, it opens them up to new experiences of self-discovery and greater self-awareness. It help people reflect on their life journey of individuation, healing and transformation; and to participate in the global movement of collective human consciousness and evolution.

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Principles & Values of Counselling Psychotherapy

My personal style of psychotherapy is grounded in philosophical framework of depth-oriented, psychodynamic approaches, particularly those practiced by Carl Jung. However, I am experienced and comfortable in the flexible use of a broad array of different psychological models and interventions—humanistic, experiential, existential and transpersonal—depending on the individual needs of each client, their different circumstances, age, background and preferred way of processing information.

I continued to develop specialised knowledge and qualifications, in fields such as experiential focusing methods and emotion-focussed therapies, and specific evidence-based trauma interventions, such as TFT, EFT and EMDR. My psychological framework has developed from my own long term experience, and subsequent training in depth-oriented psychodynamic and “soul-centred” therapy, as taught by Carl Jung.

I am also trained to use both Jungian and experiential-Gestalt applications of Sandplay therapy. I use this therapeutic intervention, with adults and young people alike, as a safe and effective individual therapy and as a dynamic experiential way of working with couples in therapy, with families and other groups in counselling. It is also  a useful and effective intervention for professional supervision.

Sandplay therapy, allows people to directly visualise in symbolic form, the inner experience, illness, concern or trauma, that may have been previously too difficult to put into words or talk about.

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